Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lets talk about how Social Media can assist your SEO

SEO has become an industry unto itself with companies specializing in getting higher placement on search engines. There are numerous site architecture aspects to assist with searching placement however often over looked is how Social Media plays a significant roll in increasing you search result ratings. Even with the most optimized sites failure to layer in Social Media will hinder your results. There are so many avenues for web crawlers to ping that a site only offers one channel into finding your site. By having a strong Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, Linkedin, and numerous other Social Media venues you can offer web crawlers other alternatives to finding you site. It works two fold first a crawler can pick you up from any of those medias additionally having your site connected to all of those sites increases your ranking.

Multi channel Social Media supports both branding and commerce. The key is to cross connect you Social Media so that your viewers can travel easily between your Social Media network as well as access your site. By utilizing a Social Media network building followers increases. If people enjoy your Facebook they are more likely to follow you on Twitter or participate in your blogs.

Keep following this Blog I will be adding suggestions each week on creative ideas to increase you Social Media network as well increasing your followers on those networks. I enjoy your comments and people sharing their experience with developing your Social Media. I am always happy to answer any questions posted on the blog.